The Erasmus + Vet-Safety project which has recently been completed was led by A1 Arborists with a consortium of European & international partners that continue to successfully train & assess ECS aerial use of chainsaws; the 1st ever European Chainsaw Certification at Heights.

Qualification centres & approved assessors that deliver the certification, in addition to A1 Arborists (UK), can be found via the accreditation body ABA International. The European Chainsaw Certificate (delivered by A1 Arborists in the UK since 2012) ECC levels 1-3 were also successfully updated as part of the project, offering a high quality certification aimed at increasing worker safety training & competence whilst operating chainsaws either on the ground or at heights.

In addition to the ECC ground based & aerial chainsaw skills, A1 Arborists also, offer training in the following new European & international certifications found within the high risk agriculture sector:

  • European Manual Winch Operations
  • European Mechanised Winch Operations
  • European Mobile Elevating Work Platform Operations
  • European Mobile Elevating Work Platform Operations with Specialised use of a Chainsaw