Course List

At 'A1' Arborists we pride ourselves in offering a wide variety of recognised training courses leading to assessment or examination from very credible institutions such as ABC/RFS, EAC and NPTC.

Basic Tree Identification 2 A1 Arborists
Advanced Tree Identification 3 A1 Arborists
Basic Tree Inspection 2 A1 Arborists
Advanced Tree Inspection 4 A1 Arborists
Tree Felling Techniques Refresher 3 NPTC
Tree Climbing Techniques Refresher 3 NPTC
Safe Use of Tractor Mounted Winches in Arboricultural Operations 2 A1 Arborists
Certificate in Arboriculture 15 ABC
European Tree Worker Vary EAC
European Tree Technician Vary EAC
CS30-Maintain the Chain Saw 2 NPTC
CS31-Fell Small Trees 3 NPTC
CS32-Fell Medium Size Trees 2 NPTC
CS33-Fell Large Trees 3 NPTC
CS34-Clear Individual Windblown Trees 2 NPTC
CS35-Clear Multiple Windblown Trees 3 NPTC
CS38-Climb Trees & Perform Aerial Rescue 5 NPTC
CS39-Operate the Chain Saw from a Rope & Harness 3 NPTC
CS40-Carry out Pruning Operations 2 NPTC
CS41-Carry out Dismantling Operations 3 NPTC
CS42-Carry out Stump Protection 1 NPTC
CS43-Fell Utility Poles 2 NPTC
CS44-Fell Standing Stems 2 NPTC
CS45-Arboricultural Groundworker 3 NPTC
CS47-Use of a Chainsaw from a Mobile Elevated Platform 3 NPTC
CS48-Use of Powered Pole Pruners 2 NPTC
A01-Tree Planting 2 NPTC
A02-Individual Tree Protection 2 NPTC
A03-Bracing & Supporting (static/dynamic) 2 NPTC
A04-Fencing 2 NPTC
A05-Tractor Driving 3 NPTC
A06-Brushwood Chipper 2 NPTC
A07-Stump Grinder 2 NPTC
A011-Specialist Pruning 3 NPTC
A012-Brushwood Cutters or Clearing Saws 2 NPTC
A013-Machine Operations 3 NPTC
A014-Brashing & Pruning with Hand Saw 1 NPTC
A021-Mobile Elevated Work Platforms 3 NPTC
Health & Safety 2 NPTC
LOLER Thorough Examination of Arboricultural Equipment 2 A1 Arborists
Pesticides-PA1/PA6/PA2A vary NPTC
Lorry Loaders & Cranes 2 A1 Arborists
ATV's (site aside & inside-tracked and wheeled) 2 NPTC
Horticultural & General Machinery Servicing & Maintenance 2 NPTC
Fork Lift Truck, Diggers & Plant Machinery (Industrial, Rough Terrain, Tele-Handlers) 3 NPTC
Abrasive Wheels 1 NPTC
4x4 (Land Rover) Off-Road 3 NPTC
Verge/Hedge Cutters & Trimmers 3 NPTC
Lawn Mowers: Cylinder/Rotary Pedestrian, Ride-On & Tractor Mounted inc. rough grass 3 NPTC
Manual Handling 1 NPTC
Gas Cutting/Welding & Arc Welding 2 A1 Arborists